VMR | Wheels Feature: Sunken Treasure Powder Coat

Talk about a custom finish that creates hype. Ever since we first released photos of the now infamous Sunken Treasure, viewers have been not only intrigued, but a little confused as to what it looks like, and understandably so. Black  when placed in shadows and gold in the sun, it seems as if Sunken Treasure can never decide on what color it wants to be. Without further ado, the photos:


With the first of several orders of Sunken Treasure completed, you can be sure to see several pictures of these wheels on vehicles in the coming weeks.
VMR | Wheels can be purchased with more than 50 different color combinations. To inquire, call us at (714) 442-7916 or any of our authorized dealers!
1 Comment to “VMR | Wheels Feature: Sunken Treasure Powder Coat”
  1. I believe the High Gloss Deep black that you guys did way back for a customer should be added around here.

    It looked like the paint was just freshly sprayed on the wheel at all times.