VMR | Wheels Feature: Gloss Pearlescent White Powder Coat

As our Ryan Worth custom powder cote vote and Cyber Monday free custom powder coating deal have both come to an end, we at VMR thought it would be kind of cool to feature one of our best looking finishes. Gloss Pearlescent White is not a finish for the faint-hearted. The amount of effort and attention required by this finish has been documented over and over again on forums by owners of white wheels. Even with this being known, I think you and I both know that if either of us saw a car with a set of spotless V710′s in this finish, both of our jaws would be on the floor. Without further ado, pictures of the aforementioned wheel.

As you can see, the smallest dirt spot (we won’t even get into brake dust) would be noticeable from a mile away with this finish, but looks absolutely gorgeous when clean. Now that you’ve seen it, this leaves us with one question:

Are you daring enough?

VMR | Wheels can be purchased with more than 50 different color combinations. To inquire, call us at (714) 442-7916 or any of our authorized dealers!

7 Comments to “VMR | Wheels Feature: Gloss Pearlescent White Powder Coat”
  1. Wow. Very cool!

  2. Hi,
    How does it works ? We have on different website the possibility to buy vmr’s wheels in gunmetal,black or silver finish. But if i’m interested by blue or white or red…do i simply make the order dirrectly from VMR Wheels ?

  3. I have these exact wheels on order with a set of hankook v12′s in this very color. They are going on my 2011 CW TDI/GTI conversion… I’ll be sure to send some pics over to VMR :)

  4. Intersted in the VB3 9×20 front and 10×20 rear when they become available. What would be the cost of powdercoating bright white? Thanks.