Vote for Ryan Worth’s Custom Powder Coat!

Choose Ryan Worth’s Custom Powder Coat on his BAGGED B7!


1. Fully Polished – 41

2. Burnt Currant – 31

3. Gold Bronze – 11

4. Battleship Grey – 10

5. Army Green – 7

Have you ever wanted to get a crazy finish on your wheels, but never had the courage, time, or money to actually follow through with it? Well Ryan Worth is graciously allowing us (and YOU!) choose which custom powder coat finish we’ll be putting on his V701′s. If you are unfamiliar with his vehicle, here she is, as she currently sits (on the ground, we should mention):

We told Ryan to give us five custom powder coat finishes for the voters to choose from, and these were his selections:

1. Fully Polished

2. Gold Bronze

3. Battleship Grey

4. Burnt Currant

5. Army Green

To vote, leave a comment in the area below. Duplicate votes and votes with multiple responses will NOT be counted. Votes will be tallied on November 25, so get your votes in now!

If you are interested in seeing all of our powder coat finishes, take a look at our flickr here:

110 Comments to “Vote for Ryan Worth’s Custom Powder Coat!”
  1. burnt currant

  2. Polished!

  3. Polished!

  4. Gold Bronze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. lol oh hai ! I never got a poll to help me choose my wheels

  6. go with dark red for sure!

  7. Burnt Currant

  8. gold bronze

  9. Army Green

  10. Gold Bronze

  11. battleship grey

  12. Burnt Currant is the biz.

  13. burnt currant of course

  14. Burnt Currant.!

  15. Burnt Currant.. Go Ryan!

  16. Battleship Grey fo sho.

  17. 2. gold Bronze

  18. Polished!

  19. yes to battleship grey

  20. green dammit

  21. army green.

  22. Battleship Grey

  23. Burnt Currant
    Bronze is a close second

  24. Bronze ..OR ELSE, SUCKAHS!!!

  25. pink

  26. Battleship Grey

  27. Fully polished, don’t be tacky you dildo

  28. BRONZE!!!

  29. fully polished to match the trim on filler plate and FMIC piping

  30. Burnt curan for sure.

  31. Burnt curant

  32. FuLLY POLISHED owns you all , that IS the only way /poll

  33. I vote Bronze.

    Second choice goes to fully polished.

  34. full polish , evrybody go change your votes now , or else !

  35. Burnt Currant !! ’tis an obvious choice :P

  36. Polished!!!

    If red wins, I will be disappointed. I thought dumb colored wheels wasn’t cool anymore. :/

  37. burnt currant x99999999999999

  38. Even though I selected all those colors, I want full polish to win!

  39. A4 looks very nice. I vote for Bronze

  40. I vote
    1) bronze

    2) red
    3) polished.

  41. Fully Polished

  42. Red

  43. Burnt Currant all the way.

  44. Burnt Currant for sure. Normally I’d say polished, but I think they’re too big to look nice polished. I dunno.

  45. Battleship grey

  46. I like the polish and the green, so either of those because I can’t decide between the two of them haha.

  47. Burnt Currant

  48. Burnt Currant

  49. BRONZE!

  50. Burnt Currant 100%

  51. burnt currant

  52. burnt currant

  53. Burnt currant.

  54. Burnt Currant

  55. Full Polish bitches….

  56. Battleship Grey FTW

  57. Burnt Currant

    be unique. Lol

  58. Burnt Currant

  59. In this order:

    1 Burnt Currant
    2 bronze
    3 army green

  60. Burnt Currant.

  61. Full Polished, with a kick. Have them add a tinted clear powder to it for the black chrome look, would look sick

  62. Fully Polished.

  63. Battleship Grey

  64. burnt currant

  65. Army green ….. !!!!!!

  66. Polished

  67. Fully Polished

  68. Burnt Currant for sure!

  69. army green! or stay as is.

  70. polished

  71. 1- Polished

  72. Handsome Ryan needs the polished.

  73. Polished

  74. full polished

  75. Fully Polished 100%

  76. Army Green

  77. Polished!

  78. Fully Polished for sure.

  79. Polish reigns supreme.

  80. army green!

  81. Polished

  82. Polished – nice and shiny

  83. Fully Polished, all the way!

  84. burnt currant.

  85. Polished!

  86. Polished!

  87. Polish, not like chrome, like people from Poland, on your wheels, I think it can work.

  88. Burnt Currant

  89. full polish looks awesome !

  90. Polished

  91. fully polished oh yeah !

  92. Polished

  93. Full polish

  94. fully polished!!

  95. Full polish all the way!

  96. I really like the bronze, but going to have to vote for polish.

  97. I’m voting fully polished.

    Battleship grey is the only colour that I think would work on Ryan’s car but it’s so far out of the running it’s not even worth voting for it. I can assure Burnt Currant will not look good, especially with the orange brakes behind it and the brighter red tail lights.

    • Keep in mind, he’s color matching his calipers after his wheels get powder coated.

  98. Polished! I got you ryan.

  99. polish!

  100. Polished

  101. Grey

  102. Polished!

  103. Polished!

  104. Polished, TYCA

  105. Burnt Currant

  106. polished

  107. Gold Bronze

  108. Battleship Grey

  109. burnt currant. and i think votes from ftwltbdwictw friends should count for like 20 votes… jussayin’