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810, 2014

V708 Nickel Plated 20″ on an Audi SQ5

By | October 8th, 2014|Cars, Photoshoots|

V708 Nickel Plated 20" on an Audi SQ5 The Audi SQ5 is one unique crossover vehicle.  Released earlier this year in the U.S., this mean-looking, beautifully designed CUV boasts Audi's most powerful supercharged 3.0-liter V6.  As usual, the S model packs much more of a punch than the standard Q5.  Already coming Read More

410, 2014

Bold & Beautiful | Azurite Black BMW F10 M5 on V710 Gunmetal 20″

By | October 4th, 2014|Cars, Photoshoots|

Bold & Beautiful  |  Azurite Black BMW F10 M5 on V710 Gunmetal 20" Since the release of our 20" V710, we've had a large number of BMW F10s & other full-size luxury vehicles pick up a set. This clean M5 may be the most elegant we've seen so far, sporting classic chrome Read More

2909, 2014

V721 Gunmetal x Arkym F30

By | September 29th, 2014|Cars, Photoshoots|

The V721 multi-spoke wheel goes well with any vehicle, but this Alpine White BMW F30 with a full carbon fiber AeroSport kit from Arkym creates a perfect balance of luxury & perfect we took it out for a nice summer highway cruise. Enjoy perfection at its best. Wheel Specs: VMR Wheels Read More

2309, 2014

Midnight Summer Drive With The 640i

By | September 23rd, 2014|Cars, Photoshoots|

Midnight Summer Drive With The 640i Just another warm, summer night here in beautiful SoCal & what better way to enjoy a night like this then taking out the eye-catching Matte Blue 640i wrapped in our popular V710 Hyper Silver in 22" out for a quick midnight summer drive. Enjoy. BMW F06 Read More

1809, 2014

Bagged Boser MKVI GTI | Flow-FormED V810 Candy White 19″

By | September 18th, 2014|Cars, Photoshoots|

Cosmo's 2013 Candy White Bagged Boser VW MKVI GTI : Wolfsburg Edition on Candy White 19" V810s The sixth generation Volkswagen GTI has proved to be the top in its class of compact cars.  The GTI platform has a huge cult following behind it, not only for their great performance Read More

409, 2014

1Love | BMW 1-Series on 18″ V702

By | September 4th, 2014|Cars, Photoshoots|

BMW E82 135i Alpine White On V702 Matte Gunmetal / Brushed Aluminum 18" The 1-series BMW created an entirely new culture of its own with its short run in the States.  Since the second they arrived here in 2008, 1er enthusiasts have been modding their E82s as much possible & have been able Read More

209, 2014

VMR Wheels @ SoCal Euro Gathering 2014

By | September 2nd, 2014|Cars, Events|

SoCal Euro Gathering 2014 Being one of the biggest Eurocar events in California, the BIG SoCal Euro Gathering at Qualcomm Stadium (Padres Stadium) in San Diego is the best place to meet & chat with other Eurocar enthusiasts!  With a perfect, Southern California sunny summer sky above & thousands of amazing Read More

1408, 2014


By | August 14th, 2014|Cars, Photoshoots|

AUSTIN YELLOW BMW F82 M4  x  FLOW-FORMED V810 GUNMETAL We got our hands on EAS' brand new BMW F82 M4 and immediately knew the lightweight Flow-Formed V810 would be a great match.  We enlisted some sticky Yokohama AD08R to deliver this 19" trackworthy setup. One could say the style and Read More

2407, 2014

BMW F10 535i M-Sport | V710 Gunmetal 20″

By | July 24th, 2014|Cars, Photoshoots|

2012 BMW F10 535i M-Sport Alpine White | V710 Gunmetal 20" The BMW F10 5-series is an estate car that offers the perfect blend of refinement, performance, and comfort. You won't fail to be impressed by the quality of Mark’s build and the amount of attention to detail.  Looking closer, you’ll find this Read More

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